huxlee / big breath in

bio: Huxlee is the moniker for 24-year old Caitlin Notey. Topanga-born, Silverlake-based, eats at diners alone, hopes to one day be as famous and popular as her french bulldog Tillman

about the song:  One time I was walking down the street and a guy said something truly gross and so I said "hey fuck you" and he said "just because you've seen two seasons of Girls doesn't mean you can talk to me like that." Produced by Huxlee and Wolfy (Caitlin Notey and Madison Scheckel). 

sounds like: Retro pop with dense guitars and big vocals. Like if St. Vincent and Heart had a niece who loved Fiona Apple. 

favorite line: "taking from my table every fork and knife and plate, you know, it's easy dishing out the shit you've never had the guts to make"  

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upcoming shows

wednesday 4/5 @ The Hi Hat