huxlee / For Paul

                                                                            single art by Didi Beck

                                                                           single art by Didi Beck

Bio: Huxlee is the recording project of LA-born singer/songwriter Caitlin Notey. Personal and intricate lyrics inform a lush, eerie production style that has a reputation for capturing the attention of all those listening.You can find Huxlee sitting at the 24hr diner of whatever town she’s in, working on songs for her upcoming full-length album to be released in 2018.

About the Song: Been in one too many Facebook fights with misogynists, etc. Produced by Huxlee and Wolfy 

Favorite Line: "As much as you wanna be a kid again, the curtain lifted and you saw the trick, it's hard to hear but there really is no way for you to suck your own dick"



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all photos and artwork by Didi Beck