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huxlee // "Ugly"

bio: Huxlee is the moniker for LA-based singer-songwriter-producer Caitlin Notey. She likes to eat at diners, believes in ghosts, and hate-watches The Bachelor.

about the song: I struggle with jealousy because I am so ashamed to feel jealous. There is no more sour a feeling than shame or guilt. And really, I don't think there should be any shame attached to feelings of jealousy: it's very normal, and to be expected.   

sounds like: Fiona Apple meets Tame Impala -- biting lyrics and minimal harmonic structure that evolve into swelling synths and a far-away reverb-heavy backbeat.  

favorite line:  "A conch that doesn't want to be tossed and turned and crushed to make a beach...I can't help but feel a little used as she rambles on about your brother and you"



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05/31/17 --- THE SATELLITE